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Fury Software was formed in 1999 and is currently headquartered just outside of Toronto, Canada.

Work on its first game, Strategic Command European Theater, a WWII turn based strategy game, began in late 1999 and was first published in April of 2002.  Since then the Strategic Command series has been successfully expanded upon with four sequels and several expansions that have all been well received within the Wargaming community.

At Fury Software, commitment to high quality games is our top priority as we move forward with new and exciting designs for the future.

Hubert Cater - President / Lead Developer

Hubert graduated from York University with a BSc Computer Science Degree and being a long time wargamer and amateur history buff decided to form Fury Software and put his recently honed computer programming skills to good work.

Having played many Board and PC Wargames his goal was always to create games that were not only accessible but also fun to play for the average gamer.  So far so good as each of the games released by Fury Software has received top scores from professional reviewers including an Editor's Choice award from PC Gamer in 2002.

Bill Runacre - Lead Designer

Bill has been an avid miniature wargamer all his life, and has been a member of the Wargames Association of Reading since 1983. Although he is interested in a wide range of historical periods, and has even been known to dabble in sci-fi, he has a special interest in warfare from the late 17th century through to the Second World War. Favourite rules include GaPa's Marlburian rules, Fire and Fury for the American Civil War, and Kriegspiel for large-scale, real time tactical simulations.

From the late 1990s Bill developed an interest in computer games, especially the Panzer General, Combat Mission and Kohan series.  Then he discovered Strategic Command, and he hasn't looked back since!

Ryan O'Shea - Designer

Ryan O'Shea is an avid wargamer and history enthusiast. Known to the internet as BiteNibbleChomp, he was a long-time modder whose creations include WWI Kaiserschlacht for Panzer Corps and Napoleonic Wars for Strategic Command 2. Strategic Command: American Civil War is Ryan's first professional title.


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